A trip to Sardinia’s agribusiness or how to make the best of your Food EXPerience

I had the opportunity to host the Food EXPerience Forum in Cagliari through my organisation, Garanzia Etica, along with UniCredit. The event was aimed at discussing the development strategies of a sector that holds a significant impact on the local economy.

During the #ItalianEXPerience, we delved into the data showcasing Italian Agrifood as one of the leading production sectors in our nation, proudly holding a leadership position in Europe. The Forum served as a platform where experts and entrepreneurs convened to pinpoint strategies for growth.

With influential figures from UniCredit, Prometeia, and Simest, we discussed the agrifood supply chain in Italy and its global connections. Ever since the 2020 pandemic-related disruptions, Italian entrepreneurs have been faced with finding new solutions on how to enforce their production’s continuity. To this extent, we worked closely with our European peers to find new business models that fit perfectly into our Sardinian reality.

One noteworthy outcome of our meeting was the revelation of the pivotal role played by this sector in the Sardinian economy. It was eye-opening to learn that agrifood accounts for 29% of companies and 15% of the island’s workforce. Additionally, thanks to the #ItalianEXPerience, organised by UniCredit in collaboration with Garanzia Etica, new international partnerships were forged, providing significant opportunities for Sardinian companies in the sector.

I had the chance to witness local companies showcasing their products at this event, aiming to maximise the exposure of Sardinian businesses in the food and wine sector to international buyers from France, Germany, Spain, Denmark and Romania. The platform “Digital Pavilion” allowed sellers to create virtual displays and conduct individual meetings with potential customers, enhancing their reach and impact.

“Garanzia Etica believes it is essential to support the agrifood sector, a strategic sector for the economy, to continue to accompany the growth of businesses and generate a positive impact on the economic fabric of the territory. Under the consolidated partnership relationships with all the operators on the market, we provide tools and skills for companies that successfully project themselves on the international market and contribute to generating value from a sustainable perspective.” Enrico Gaia, Forum Food EXPerience

A round table followed the events, where we discussed agribusiness with some of our esteemed guests, among whom I recall Luisella Altare, Giani Maoddi, and Gianluca Usai.

I remain committed to my mission of supporting the growth of local entrepreneurship across Sardinia and offering a chance for our delicious products to reach out to consumers across the continent and beyond. So I invite you all to visit Sardinia and taste the #ItalianEXPerience!