About Myself

My name is Enrico Gaia, and I was Born and raised in the beautiful city of Cagliari. Today, I am recognized as a respected professional and bold entrepreneur, dedicated to fostering the growth of start-ups and facilitating new business ideas in Sardinia.


In 1990, I graduated with a Degree in Economics from the prestigious Università degli Studi di Cagliari. This esteemed institution, with its nearly four centuries of history, provided me with a solid academic foundation and shaped my passion for economics and commerce. Building on my educational achievements, I went on to further enhance my skills and knowledge. In 1991, I pursued a Master in Business Administration at the Universita di Stoccolma, Zurich Assicurazioni e Fiat International Visiting School, where I delved deeper into the realms of international business.


I had the opportunity to host the Food EXPerience Forum in Cagliari through my organisation, Garanzia Etica, along with UniCredit. The event was aimed at discussing the development strategies of a sector that holds a significant impact on the local economy. During the #ItalianEXPerience, we delved […]
Image under the copyright of PLTV.
Image under the copyright of PLTV.
I am Enrico Gaia, an economist specializing in accounting and auditing. Beyond my professional accomplishments, I am an individual deeply passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of others. In this article, I would like to take you on a personal journey, shedding light […]